We set out to deliver experiences
We don't make programs, we create Art

Web-design, Application Development and Security Research by
Arthur de Fluiter

information for us

If4u (short for information for you) is all about making accessible information systems, with a powerful basis. I set out to understand the theory around problems instead of trying to make a half baked program.


I like to imagine what people want before creating something. How much time and money is actually wasted on extensions, functions and calculations customers dont really care about ?
Well, calculating that would cost time and money and the answer will come down to this: a lot
That's why I create solutions with the customer instead of for them,
no one other than you knows what you want.
This means that we only ask money for things you asked for (which will save you a lot)


Desktop Solutions

Writing powerful solutions in a range of computer languages such as Java, C++ and Python

Web Development

Just like in writing desktop applications, I also deliver web experiences using PHP, Javascript, css and more

User Experience

We set out to create software the feels natural to its users with little to no learning curve.
To accomplish this we make use of techniques like auto-filling whenever possible, minimalistic designing and absolute understanding of the customers perspective

  • Automising the future

    I set out to create a future where annoying and time wasting tasks have been taken over by computers, leaving more interesting work for people to do

    For projects I set out to minimize dumb work and maximise efficienty to create a future where men evolves even further from the basic needs

  • Data analysis

    In a lot of my projects (the security track, RISE, etc.) I set out to interpret and analyse the given data using custom made classes and interpretation modules

    In this age of the internet I believe data analysis is becoming one of the primary ways to view customers, improve experiences or just study phenomena, this to its more privacy friendly nature and ability to give a great overview.

    Even though perfectly capable of writing my own interpreters I will use current parsers to my advantage as well.

  • Creating your solution

    The best thing is, you decide what you want exactly or give me a clue of what you want. I don't have any 'packages' that need to be installed (which would require additional trouble to work)

    All my solutions are unique and made to fit on your description

Give me six hours to chop down a treeand I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.~ abraham lincoln


  • Tracedroid

    This is a project from the university that I partially build, I made a module for static analysis of malicious apk files.

    The goal was creating a scanner for apk files that would be helpful in that it doesn't try to put a direct label on the apk, but rather generate an analysis.
    Sms stealers for instance use the same rights as applications which manage smsses, you can't just label an application malicious with certain rights, we wanted to allow a developer to have more insight into the inner workings
    Language: Java (my part), Python, C++, bash


    Some time ago when learning javascript, I created a model to simulate the effect of particles on each other. I started out with a gravity well object (an artifact all particles would be attracted to ,which was the mouse). However later I extended it with an extra function, accessable by pressing the H-key, this causes the particles to move according to the gravity fields created by other particles (each having its own mass)
    Language: html/javascript

  • RISE

    This was a project I did together with one of my friends Glenn Visser some years ago when I was still in high school, it might not sound too impressive, even less due to the poor informatics program.
    However I managed to write schedule interpreting software, it was able to dynamically analyse different sources and improve the working as multiple sources formed a responsive interface and create an immense aesthetic improvement
    Language: HTML,Javascript,CSS,PHP


    The RPM project I do together with one of my friends Glenn Visser
    It's goal? It is replacing an old system used to keep track of booked hours in a company. Current system in place is ancient
    Goals to achieve: creating a flawless user experience, keeping the simple simple and the UI innovative
    Language: Java/PostGreSQL

  • Fractal blog

    This is a blog of mine dedicated to fractals I have created. Not particularly useful but aesthetically beautiful.
    Language: Apophysis

About me

  • Team Member

    Arthur de Fluiter

    Passionate in coding and design, I never get enough of creating new projects, new ways to improve the digital and normal world around us.
    Currently I'm still doing a bachelor in Computer Sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam.
    I've worked on web design as well as Security and graph theory related subjects.I also made some physics models as can be seen at projects
    Known languages atm: html, javascript (including json,jQuery), css, php, mathlab, mathematica, java, java byte-code, dalvik byte-code, shell script, and some basic variants.
    Currently learning: C/C++ and Python.

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